Tuesday, January 6, 2015

When Planning a Wedding Leave yourself enough time

Timelines are the way to go when planning for your wedding!!  If you don't already know you should do research on the internet, go to Facebook and ask, Brides Magazine, then ask friends who have already been married.  Most brides do not know it is incredibly hard to plan a wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma in under 6 months.  The main reason is the wedding dress, this is a time consuming task ordering a gown.  Now if you are not very particular or if you are flexible you can find and get a dress in a hurry.  If you are like most of our FacchianosBrides in Oklahoma you will need to visit at least three stores, return at least twice before ordering a wedding dress in Tulsa.  The wedding dress, venue, and ceremony site should be the first three things you pick early in the process.  Most designer dresses take 5 MONTHS to order, not counting the alterations which can take up to 12 WEEKS if they are done in store.   Then most brides like to do bridal portraits and they need to do that1 MONTH in advance of the wedding.  Add all that together and you need at least 10-12 MONTHS TO ORDER A WEDDING DRESS.  Brides Magazine says the same thing when they put out a timeline.  Remember girls you can never order a dress too early but you can order one too late.