Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Brides Magazine has lots of information all the time, but this weeks info on Facebook was about Shoes, all kinds of sparkly shoes.  Facchianos the Best Bridal Shop in Tulsa, loves sparkly wedding dresses, sparkly belts, and sparkly shoes.  We know our brides in Tulsa are crazy about shoes and bring all sorts of shoes to our store!  We have seen cowboy boots, sparkly Tom's, converse in all colors, blue shoes for something blue, and of course said SPARKLY!!!  Here is a link to see all the shoes Brides Magazine shows

Also for those wedding shoes if you are getting married outdoors you may need to put these nifty heel guards on your shoes so you do not sink into the grass.  These are found at Facchianos on 71st and Garnett, bridal shops in Tulsa

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The book you must read before buying your dress is one put together by Facchianos Owner Jennifer Thompson.  She is a designer, a bridal salon owner, and now an author.  These tips will make your finding a wedding dress in Tulsa a breeze.  Get there book here…..