Friday, January 13, 2012

Brides need to know!!!

We have had an influx of brides in lately who are planning June weddings and are looking for dresses.   HELLO BRIDES IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!  Unless you buy your gown at The National Chain, with off the rack dresses that hundreds of people have manhandled and tried on, you can not get them right away, designer gowns are special ordered.  Facchianos special orders gowns based on your measurements just for you, it's new, it's clean, it's yours.  These gowns take time to make, designers don't just have them sitting around waiting for you to pick them.  They take at least 5 months to arrive in our store, and time to alter and fit.  When you are planning a wedding give yourself a year or a year and a half to plan.  I mean you waited your whole life what is one more year.  lol  Brides Magazine recommends purchasing a wedding gown at least 9-12 months from your wedding date.  Or you will have to pay additional costs for rushing, plus shipping, and handling.  And please when you go shopping be financially prepared to order because ALL Bridal Salons require at least half down to order, and depending on your wedding date you may have to order that day.  Some gowns can be discontinued and when that happens they're gone forever.  Sometimes there are gowns in stock but if you are not prepared to purchase, they could be gone the next day, other stores have access to them too.  When you go out looking for a wedding dress, go with a purpose because all the consultants in the stores are trying their best to help you find the perfect gown.  I have had brides myself that try on a dress and say I love it, they cry in it, and then they say but I don't have any money.  That leaves me thinking how are you getting married and planning a wedding or getting your dress with no money??  Like my mom use to say "What are you going to buy that with your good looks?".  I never go to the grocery store without any money, I wonder what the cashier would say after she checked all my groceries and I said "Oh I don't have any money?"  She would think I have lost my mind.  So future brides be prepared and give yourself enough time so there is less stress on you, both financially and mentally.  This time should be the best time of your life, and picking your gown should be the most fun and exciting part of it!!

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